We would like to honor the venues, businesses,

creatives, and crews that have hosted / collaborated with SYZYGY RADIO.

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New Sound Of Detroit

Bumpin’ sound system and audio engineer for hire.

Contact Alex Peters at (248) 752-7656

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The Aquarius Place

“Looking for a nice place to host an event? Look no further. We have a long beautiful bar, a small stage and kitchen. Our event capacity is 70-90 people depending on the set up.”


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PJ’s Lager House

‘It masqueraded as a furniture store during Prohibition (ask PJ to show you the secret password slot in the basement door), but emerged a beer garden the minute the 21st Amendment was passed repealing Prohibition. Prior to being renamed The Lager House in 1965, 1254 Michigan Ave. was known as the Doemer Beer Garden, Doemer Brothers Tavern, and The Doemer Tavern. The bakery/restaurant/bar served up great food and drink to city pols, Corktown neighbors, unionists, bookies, bettors, and sports fans alike.”


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Ripe Records

New and Used Vinyl & Audio Equipment
Authorized Audio Technica Dealer

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Cøllect Bar

Family Owned & Operated EST. 2018

“9 thoughtfully curated rotating drafts + bottles + cans + wine + ciders + world famous shot and a beer.”


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“The Compound: Collaborative Creative Space, is founded on music, media, fashion and marketing, and Content. Located on Detroit’s west side near Schaefer and Fenkell, AKA Bethune Community. The Compound’s current owners took over the property in 2014, and later officially began running in 2017. It started as a simple idea for a creative co-working space for local artists and affiliated talents such as DJs, producers, content creators, directors, and media promoters to work together under one roof allowing each to have the opportunity to organically build on more than they would alone.”


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“Writing, developing and distributing “soul full music.” Music not limited to any one genre that expresses a sentiment, evokes an emotion and/or tells a story. This is how we soul.™”


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“In Latin, the alter ego is defined as the “Other I” or “True Self”

Iris represents the creative essence that exists within this altered state. We believe that this is where our true powers exist. 
Societal constructs hinder this self-exploration; through systematic brainwashing, cultural conditioning, religious upbringing, and standardized beauty. Our brand serves as an initiative to destroy these barriers by creating experiences that promote newfound expression, talents, and identity.

This is Channeling Iris.”


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Erika on Kenilworth


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Business Cards / Photography / Fashion & Textiles / Film


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Coffee and mixed drinks with a techno club in the basement.

Great spot to meet up with your crew or vibe at an underground club.


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Filthy Americans

Filthy Americans Arts & Cultural Preservation Center is part streetwear and skate shop, part vinyl record store and intimate show venue, and part music production and brand-making community classroom.


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Detroit Deep Sessions

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Detroit Threads

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