SZG 17 · · · 11/04/21

Location: Kenilworth St

DJ Set by: Third Self

Track List:

P.M Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (Extended Mix)

CARRTOONS – Ben on the Run

G Unit feat Joe – Wanna Get To Know You

DJ Orange Julius – You Look Good!!!

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Eddie on guitar!

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DJ Set by: Third Self

Track List:

Pan American – The Cloud Room

Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up (Smoothed Out / Long Version )

Colde Feat. Crush – Your Dog Loves You

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Conversation with Zora Monico & Ceena Vang of WWN Detroit.

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DJ Set by: Third Self

Track List:

The Exaltics- Slow Down

Lomax – Dyswis

Third Self- Planet 69

Sansibar- Can’t beat me

Martyn Bootyspoon- Resonant Freq

Detroit’s Filthiest- All White Buffs (Will Simpson Remix)

Dirtbox – Work That

Ghetto Henry- Bumpin

Illektrolab- Real Pimp

Cherriep- No Doubt

Amadeezy- Bass Boss

69 Boyz- Kitty Kitty (booty club)

OSSX- Don’t Care, Didn’t Ask

Choker- Petrol Bliss

D.I.E- Detroit Technobass

Selfhood-Shawty (Instrumental)

Ghetto Henry- Rambla del Sol

Third Self- Gospel Tek I’m perfect

Sketchy- Hit ‘em with the Low Cut

Uncle Luke- Strokin’ (ft 69 Boyz)

Viewtiful Joe- Space Fonk


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